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                                      Announcing the New PropertyAction Dashboard

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                                      At Betterview, we constantly improve our product based on user feedback. In this way, we ensure that our Remote Property Intelligence Platform is solving real problems faced by carriers, and empowering underwriters to take smart and decisive actions based on real risk drivers.

                                      Announcing the newest addition to the Betterview Platform: The PropertyAction Dashboard. Prioritize properties in your book based on fully customizable flags. Streamline your underwriting workflows, focusing attention on properties that require immediate action.

                                      The PropertyAction Dashboard is the new default view for Betterview users, putting our flagging system front and center. Platform users can now view which properties in their book have the most flags at the top of their workflow. They are also able to filter properties based on which flags they are the most concerned with; for example, carriers can choose to view only properties flagged with a Roof Spotlight Index below a specific number, indicating a low-quality roof. In this way, each carrier can arrange their workflows to meet their particular business needs.

                                      The new PropertyAction Dashboard view, an extension to the functionality of Betterview’s recently released PropertyAction system, also enables users to more easily take a number of actions, including Bulk Clearing multiple flags at once, or Bulk Assigning properties to specific underwriters. It becomes far easier for managers to see the progress that underwriters have made within the Betterview platform, as well as for underwriters to keep track of which properties they still need to prioritize.

                                      The goal of the PropertyAction Dashboard is, as always, to help Betterview users improve the efficiency of their workflows and more quickly take action based on real property risk. By reorganizing our platform with a focus on our flagging system, we improve the user experience in two key ways: 1) we empower users to more rapidly review flags on individual properties that need the most attention, and 2) we surface a big picture view of a carrier’s entire book. In this way, Betterview is continuing in our mission to help carriers avoid future losses, cut down on expenses, and create a more transparent policy experience.

                                      Betterview is on a mission to turn high-quality data into actionable insights for the P&C insurance industry. We foster a collaborative environment, working together to find the best solutions for our customers. If you are interested in joining a strong, innovative team, head over to the careers page on our website or contact us directly.



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