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Julius Simonelli

Julius leads Betterview's Machine Learning team, creating computer vision models that power the platform. The team combines insight from aerial imagery with lidar data to deliver accurate, actionable insights to our insurance customers. Julius graduated from Cornell University and previously worked at Orbital Insight.

2 min read

A Game-Changer for Accurate Roof Age Data

The age of a roof has emerged as an important subject within the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry. Due to its vital role in risk assessments and the challenges involved in determining it accurately, roof age is considered the "crown...

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3 min read

The Impact of Worn Shingles on Roof Condition

Betterview is dedicated to assisting our customers in identifying potential risks and vulnerabilities on their properties. One specific focus area is...

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4 min read

The Importance of AI Transparency at Betterview

Technologies built around AI (Artificial Intelligence) are revolutionizing businesses across the world. Given how powerful these technologies can be,...

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