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Betterview Joins IBHS

We are proud to announce that Betterview is now an official member of the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS)! This membership will give Betterview employees access to numerous research studies, datasets, and webinars focused on roof performance, wildfire vulnerability, and more topics related to loss control and risk management.  

This membership is especially exciting because of how central loss control and risk management/mitigation are to our mission here at Betterview. Every feature on our platform is designed to help P&C insurers predict and prevent losses. In this way, we help insurers reduce their expenses while also keeping their insured safe and secure.  

Here are just some of the ways that our platform helps insurers manage risk and prevent losses, turning them into Insurance Heroes: 

  • Defensible Space: This brand-new feature gives insurers a clear, intelligent view of the space surrounding each property, and how protected the property is from wildfire damage, hurricane damage, windstorm damage, and more. 
  • Roof Spotlight Index: Our signature feature, the Roof Spotlight Index (RSI) gives a holistic and acitonable view of real roof condition. Based on over a dozen real risk drivers, the RSI is a 100-point numerical score that informs insurers which properties are at the most risk from damage, allowing them to inform their insured what mitigation procedures they need to take. 
  • PartnerHub: We are happy to feature other industry-leading providers of property intelligence in our PartnerHub. Users can access datasets from partners such as e2Value, Red Zone, Canopy Weather, and more. When combined with Betterview’s data models and predictive analytics, these additional insights help to create an even more precise and actionable view of risk. 
  • PropertyAction: PropertyAction is Betterview’s customizable flagging engine, which transforms property intelligence into immediate underwriter action. Custom flags can be created by each insurer to bookmark properties that fit certain conditions, such as those with low defensible space in a region prone to wildfire damage. 


As members of IBHS, the Betterview team is excited to become better-informed experts on the forces driving increased risk in our evolving world. Predicting and preventing property damage is the driving force behind our entire business. After all, isn’t keeping people safe what insurance is all about? 

To learn more about Betterview’s approach to risk management and loss control, or to learn how we can help your business succeed, request a demo today! 

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