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Betterview Launches New Accelerator on the Guidewire Marketplace

Betterview guidewire accelerator partnership


The team at Betterview is excited to unveil our brand new offering in the Guidewire Marketplace. Fully integrated with PolicyCenter 10, the new Betterview Accelerator for Property Insight for PolicyCenter 10 delivers actionable property intelligence,  using advanced computer vision-driven technology, to a whole new audience. The Betterview Accelerator for Guidewire 10 makes it easier than ever for P&C insurance providers to streamline every milestone in the policy life cycle, from quoting to claims to renewal.

Two of the biggest problems facing underwriters today are accuracy and speed. A variety of newly available insurtech tools mean that underwriters have no shortage of data with which to craft the best policies possible. But at the same time, customers expect faster turnaround than ever. The Betterview Accelerator for Guidewire 10 takes both of these factors into account. We provide high quality, actionable property intelligence, built on a foundation of aerial imagery and third-party data from our trusted partners. And we do all of this at sub-minute speeds, providing underwriters with a superior knowledge of property risk while also providing faster quotes to their customers.

When seeking out channels to reach a wider audience for Betterview’s product, the Guidewire Marketplace was a natural choice. The two companies have had a long, fruitful relationship together, sharing a common vision of better serving customer needs in the insurance space. In 2019, CMO of Guidewire Brian Desmond joined the Betterview board of directors, stating, “Betterview’s mission, value proposition, and momentum situate the company well as P&C insurers increasingly seek to work with InsureTechs that add demonstrable value throughout the lifecycle.”

With the Betterview Accelerator now available directly to Guidewire users, the company is excited to empower more insurance professionals to take smarter actions throughout the underwriting process. Although many customers use Betterview’s Property Insight, Property Pulse, and other solutions through our online platform, the Accelerator will allow current Guidewire users to integrate the technology seamlessly into PolicyCenter, giving them all the advantages of the platform without disrupting existing workflows. “I am very excited about the release of our Guidewire Accelerator,” says Betterview COO David Tobias. “ This is a deep integration that brings the Betterview Platform into the Guidewire PolicyCenter platform.  We have worked with our customers that are Guidewire users and Guidewire’s team to make sure this Accelerator provides extreme value from day one of installation.  Our deep collaboration with Guidewire is just another benefit of Guidewire’s investment in Betterview.”

The integration with Guidewire is just one way that our team has taken into account the needs of the modern, busy underwriter while developing our solutions. Many of our team members come from an insurance background, and know firsthand the bottlenecks that emerge when juggling a large book of properties. Betterview’s mix of superior imagery, computer vision technology, and fusion of third party data, makes it simple to flag properties that need further attention, fast track solid risks, and save valuable  underwriter time and on-the-ground inspection resources. Now, with our offering in Guidewire, all of this can be accomplished without ever leaving PolicyCenter. 

Head over to the Guidewire Marketplace now to check out Betterview’s Accelerator for Guidewire 10 for yourself.  If you have any questions about the product – or are wondering how Betterview could help your business – reach out to us today.

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