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[Whitepaper] Why is Getting a Complete Picture of Wildfire Risk Important?

It is no secret that catastrophic wildfire events have been increasing in both frequency and severity over the last several years, especially in the western United States. Wildfire season this year has kicked off earlier than the years before – with the currently active Calf Canyon-Hermits Peaks Fire being the largest and most destructive wildfire in recorded history in New Mexico, and the California Coastal Fire causing sudden and severe destructions just a few weeks ago. The old “repair & replace” insurance mindset is no longer sufficient to provide protection against wildfire damage; As P&C insurers, it is becoming more urgent for you to leverage geospatial data, Machine Learning tools, and property intelligence to better manage risk for your insured. 

Built on a foundation of proprietary Computer Vision models and predictive analytics, our new Wildfire Risk Insights are the most sophisticated tool yet to help you predict and prevent losses from wildfire for your customers’ homes and businesses. 

To help you get prepared for the wildfire season, we have written up a whitepaper with input from our engineering and machine learning team. 

  • Learn more about the importance of getting a complete picture of wildfire risk 
  • The research and methodology behind our Wildfire Risk Insights 
  • How can it help you prevent avoidable losses? 

Download the whitepaper today, and make sure to set up a demo to learn how Betterview can help you protect homes and businesses and become heroes for your agents and customers. 



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