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How Betterview Puts Customer Support First

As a SaaS-focused insurtech company, Betterview is dedicated to delivering a best-in-class technology platform that empowers P&C insurance professionals to create a safer, smarter, and more harmonious policy experience. Just as important as our product, though, is the service that comes along with it.

At Betterview we want customers to see us not just as a technology provider, but as a truly collaborative partner. 

We strongly believe that insurance works best when all stakeholders – from carriers, to agents, to policyholders – are united in strong relationships built on trust and a common vision. Our robust set of capabilities that we have built to support our active and prospective customers was designed to help every customer achieve the maximum value from our platform. This support comes in many different forms, including:betterview customer support value consulting success

Additionally, the team at Betterview focuses on providing exceptional levels of service around system availability, security and privacy, and systems integration.

Value Consulting

Betterview’s Value Consulting team is led by veteran insurance guru Kyle Pelecky, who has an extensive background as a commercial underwriter for major carriers like Nationwide and Travelers, as well as experience with insurance analytics vendor, Verisk. After learning the P&C insurance business inside and out, Kyle knows how important it is for carriers to be able to adapt technology platforms to their own, highly specific use cases. A property intelligence or workflow management tool can have powerful underlying technology, but unless it is optimized to solve the precise problem faced by a carrier, it will be of little use.

That is the purpose of the Value Consulting team, which works with clients to develop solutions that fit their organization like a glove. The Value Consultant takes time to understand clients’ existing processes and workflows, determines their pain points, and discovers how the Betterview platform can best solve their problem. Not only do they develop a custom use case alongside the client, but down the road they confirm the success of that use case via a business realization assessment. The goal is to quantify the value that Betterview has delivered, focusing on tangible results such as improving workflows, reducing losses, lowering expenses, and improving customer experience.

Learn more about Kyle Pelecky and the Value Consulting team.

Customer Success

Whereas Value Consulting focuses on crafting and evaluating the success of specific use cases, the Customer Success team – led by the super talented Rachel Salinas – ensures that every customer and user is seamlessly onboarded onto the Betterview platform and receives maximum value every time they use the tool. In addition to providing training for new users, the Customer Success Manager remains the single point of contact between the customer and Betterview, troubleshooting issues and helping them to best unlock value using our Remote Property Intelligence Platform.

Rachel and the rest of her team have implemented a number of processes to maintain a strong, transparent relationship with customers. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Usage reports showing customers how they have used the platform month by month.
  • Regular one-on-one meetings with the Customer Success manager, as well as periodic in depth account reviews.
  • Training for new platform users.
  • Frequent webinars covering new platform features and frequently asked questions.
  • A newsletter keeping users informed about new updates to the platform and any other major announcements.

Learn more about Rachel Salinas and the Customer Success team.

Customer Support

Closely linked to Customer Success is the Customer Support team, who provide more technical support to users who encounter issues when using the platform. The Betterview user experience should be as efficient and seamless as possible, and for that reason we place high importance on customer support and eSupport. Our support staff is currently available to all users from 8 AM Eastern to 5 PM Pacific time, and work on a tiered system to make sure their questions are answered as quickly as possible. Our median first response time is currently at 57 seconds, and our median resolution time is 11 minutes and 17 seconds. This quick response and quick resolution has been popular with our customers, who have singled out our support team (and even individual employees Vance and Patrick!) in their positive feedback:

betterview customer support quotes

System Availability

The team at Betterview realizes that our customers rely on us every day to get their jobs done, so it is important that our system is always up and running. We do our best to minimize planned and (especially) unplanned downtime. In the rare case that we are down unexpectedly, getting back online and communicating with our customers is our top and only priority.

Our goal is 100% uptime, which we back with a minimum guarantee of 99.5% in our SLA. When we are down, we are able to quickly identify it with our round-the-clock monitoring partner and communicate it through our system status page (here). Over the past 90 days, we have achieved 99.96% uptime for our customers.

Security and Privacy

I would also be remiss if I didn’t mention the emphasis Betterview places on data security and privacy, another key feature of building user trust. We know that our customers trust us to keep their information entirely secure. We are audited annually by an independent accounting firm to confirm that we are continually meeting the requirements of SOC 2 Type II. We also hire a third-party white hat information security firm to conduct periodic penetration testing on our systems. Finally, our entire workforce is located onshore in the United States.

Systems Integration

The best way to get the most value out of Betterview with the least amount of effort from your staff is to leverage one or more of our integration options. In order to make Betterview a natural part of their workflow, our customers have integrated us into Guidewire, Tableau, PowerBI, and their own custom applications through Betterview’s robust API. In addition, several customers have integrated with Betterview’s SSO (single-sign-on) so that their employees do not have to maintain a separate password to use Betterview.

Our team has done the upfront work to make all of our integration options as easy as possible, and our engineering team is here to help you along the way. Our software engineering manager, Nick Molyneux, gets involved with every customer integration to ensure that the process is as quick and efficient as possible. “As much as possible, we try to tailor the experience to each individual customer,” says Nick. “We evaluate every customer’s unique workflow to determine how we can provide the best solution. In some cases, that’s educating them on the features that we have available to fit their needs, and in other cases, it’s bringing the workflow back to the engineering team to determine what features we could build that would better serve the customer.”


At Betterview, we know that our technology is powerful enough to sell on its own. Whether for quoting, underwriting, claims, or renewal, the Betterview Remote Property Intelligence Platform provides unparalleled actionable insights at every stage of the policy life cycle. But if we only focused on touting our technological advantages, we would not be fulfilling our larger mission: to transform the P&C insurance industry into one built on a foundation of transparency and trust. By helping carriers and their insured communicate more effectively, and by making the underwriting process more transparent, we are reminding both insurers and policyholders that they are working on the same team. With the help of Betterview’s technology, the two parties can work together to mitigate risk, predicting and preventing losses rather than simply reacting to them.

Whether it is between carriers and policyholders, or between ourselves and our customers, Betterview is committed to building stronger relationships in the insurance industry. We know that by working together, and investing in a firm support network, we can build a safer, smarter future for insurance.

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