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How Betterview Tailors Our Platform to the Needs of our Customers

When it comes to property intelligence, the “how” is just as important as the “what.” In other words, the channel through which an insurer consumes property intelligence matters just as much as the content of the property intelligence itself. A software platform can have the exact right tools and insights for a specific insurer’s use case; but if these tools and insights are not delivered in the most accessible format – requiring a minimal IT lift – they will be of little use. As a rule, property intelligence providers should offer a variety of data delivery methods tailored to the unique needs of different customers. 

At Betterview, we understand the importance of flexibility in delivering our product to customers. We work with insurers of all shapes and sizes, from small regional carriers to massive companies that span the entire nation. Naturally, these different organizations will have different needs for their property intelligence solutions. Some may need immediate solutions for rapid pricing and quoting, while others are looking to monitor property condition over time and flag changes. Some may want a solution that includes all of the above. For this reason, we have adopted a strategy of omnichannel delivery. No matter their needs, every customer can consume Betterview property intelligence in an efficient and effective manner, without expending major IT resources. 


What is Omnichannel Delivery? 

Our team of engineers, data scientists, and designers has spent years developing our Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform Our existing customers have been proud of the work our team has done, especially the elegant and intuitive user interface (UI) they have built. However, our team is also aware that every customer has unique requirements for how they consume property intelligence. To best meet these needs, we offer a variety of ways to engage with our product. That is what we mean by omnichannel delivery.  

  • API/Direct Access: There are many reasons why an insurance company might want property intelligence without an accompanying UI. In many cases these companies have built their own systems in-house and simply want to input new sources of property intelligence into preexisting workflows. The Betterview “Essentials” tier meets these needs. “Essentials” features all the basic insights from the Betterview platform, including our Roof Spotlight Index and spotlights, but does so outside of our UI, using API access, such as REST API and iFrame. This channel is especially useful for instant quoting, pricing, and binding. 
  • Web Portal: Small and large insurers alike use the Betterview web portal to access our Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform. In its current form, our UI is designed to maximize the value of the property intelligence it contains. This goal is accomplished with a number of workflow management tools, including our customizable flagging engine, our transparent spotlights, and peril-specific risk insights. The web portal also features PartnerHub, a third-party marketplace where customers can access additional property intelligence from trusted partners like Equifax, Guidewire, and e2Value. Web portal access comes in two tiers: “Professional” and “Enterprise,” both of which are ideally suited for underwriting, pricing, loss control, and risk management. 
  • Core Systems Integrations: For some insurers, adding another software to their workflows is a non-starter. The last thing that a busy underwriter needs is a new system to learn. We understand this sentiment completely, and for that reason, the Betterview Platform is also accessible through a number of core systems integrations. Users of Guidewire, Socotra, Duck Creek, and OneShield can access all the Betterview insights and intuitive UI directly within their native policy system. We continue to add more systems, furthering our mission to make property intelligence accessible to all our customers. 
  • External Data Warehouse: While the other delivery channels are ideal for seeing individual properties, the External Data Warehouse allows insurers to view insights on tens of thousands of properties at once.  It allows users to access all their data via SQL console, Tableau, PowerBI, and more, so that they can manipulate data in the way that best fits their needs. This channel works best alongside other delivery methods, so that you can obtain both a zoomed-in view of individual properties and a broader view of your entire book of properties. 

All of these channels give users access to the same core product: the Betterview Property Intelligence & Risk Management Platform. So why use so many different channels? We believe in meeting our customers more than halfway. We know that every company faces different challenges, and every insurer has unique use cases for us to solve. That is why omnichannel delivery is essential and why it will always be a guiding principle here at Betterview.  

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