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                                      Meet Dan Kenney, Betterview’s New VP of Strategic Alliances

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                                      Betterview is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Vice President of Strategic Alliances, Dan Kenney. Dan enters Betterview with nearly twenty years of experience in the software and insurtech field. We got a chance to sit down and chat about his career so far, as well as the importance of a strong partnership strategy for Betterview.

                                      Betterview: Can you introduce yourself and state your position at Betterview?

                                      Dan Kenney: My name is Dan Kenney, and I am Betterview’s new VP of Strategic Alliances.

                                      BV: Why don’t you walk me through your career so far and how it’s led you to this position.

                                      D: After graduating college in 2003, my first job was on the ground floor of a software startup that provided building permit software to local governments. It was one of the first companies to put building permits online, and I was the first salesperson who worked there. Typically working with the government was very arduous because you’d have to physically go downtown to get permits and go through many different hoops. BuildRadius was founded relatively early in the Dot-Com age when people were still figuring out which processes could be digitized. 

                                      We scaled that company until 2009, when we rebranded it as Buildfax. After a few years there, I became a sales manager, and in a few more years, I became VP of Business Development. One of my primary responsibilities was managing channel partnerships, which very much aligns with what my position at Betterview will be. I managed all partners that were in direct distribution of the Buildfax data set. So I worked with Core Logic, LexisNexis, Verisk, e2Value, lots of familiar names. We worked together on defining partnerships and then implementing them. I did that from 2016 until Buildfax’s acquisition by Verisk in 2019. At that point, I took on a much more technical position, but I was still doing strategy and development within the greater Verisk ecosystem.  Fast forward two years, and here I am at Betterview.

                                      BV: What makes you excited to join Betterview?

                                      D: The most exciting parts of my career so far have always been scaling organizations that have revenue and are looking to get to the next level. That’s what I did for Buildfax during their hyper-growth era between 2015-2019. Looking back, I realized that era of growth was what I was looking to find for my next job. Betterview being such an exciting company in both the data AND platform space made it a natural fit.  I knew that at Betterview, I would have a real opportunity to help grow a company.

                                      BV: What is your goal at Betterview as the director of strategic alliances?

                                      D: My goal is to align management strategy to our approach to partnerships. I want to align those strategies and then formalize them so we can scale over time. Betterview is in a critical moment right now for growth. The company’s foundation has been built well, but the next layer needs to be constructed equally strong in order to scale effectively. After aligning those partnerships and formalizing our strategy, I will be the lead on all partnerships.

                                      I have worked at previous companies where the approach to partnerships was a simple land grab. That means that whoever was interested in working with us, we would work with them. Over time that created some branding degradation, as well as message control degradation. That is one thing we need to look out for. We need to keep an eye on all our partnerships to make sure they fit a coherent strategy. And if we find we’ve already grown too fast from a partner perspective, what can be our strategy moving forward to deal with that? We need to identify our key pillars for partnerships and make sure all of our partnerships align with those. 

                                      BV: What do you think makes Betterview unique?

                                      D: There is no question that we are entering a sort of “Golden Age” for insurance technology. So there is no shortage of companies that, cosmetically, look somewhat like Betterview. But what really differentiates us is how, compared to our competitors, our product really seems to stick. We’re not just drowning users in a deluge of data. We are transforming that data into actionable policy recommendations that trigger an improvement in combined ratios and customer experience. We are seeing enough adoption that we know: what we are offering is not just another flash in the pan, it’s solving real problems for carriers. If we can build the right partnerships right now, our product can help launch us into a bigger and brighter future as a company.

                                      Betterview is on a mission to turn high-quality data into actionable insights for the industry. We foster a collaborative environment, working together to find the best solutions for our customers. If you are interested in joining a strong, innovative team, head over to the careers page on our website or contact us directly. 

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