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Company Culture

Insurtech Company Culture: Data Science & Engineering

3 min read

There and Back Again: Why Tyler Preston & Tanner Gruebele Returned to Betterview

Much has changed at Betterview in the last decade. The company started with cameras strapped to painter’s poles, but over time, evolved into the...

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4 min read

Meet Betterview’s New Head of Marketing, Adam Frew

Betterview is pleased to announce the hiring of our new Head of Marketing, Adam Frew. Adam enters Betterview with multiple decades of experience in...

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5 min read

Betterview Hires New Chief Revenue Officer, Jeffrey Heine

Betterview is excited to announce the hiring of our new Chief Revenue Officer, Jeffrey Heine. Jeff comes into the company with multiple decades of...

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3 min read

Upfront & Personal: Jason Janofsky, Betterview’s VP of Engineering, CTO

Jason Janofsky’s role at Betterview is a highly strategic one. As VP of Engineering, CTO, he finds himself collaborating with nearly everyone in the...

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3 min read

Upfront & Personal: Michael Zimmer, Betterview’s Lead Designer

Product Design is Michael Zimmer’s bread and butter. “Good product design,” he says, “includes the product’s performance, how it looks, and most...

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