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2 min read

The Value of Insurtech Startups to Insurers

An insurance company is a remarkably complex organization. Underwriters must write and renew policies for a book of potentially hundreds of thousands...

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4 min read

The Future of Insurtech

Who owns the future of insurance? Following a year as tumultuous and unpredictable as 2020, the answer to that question is far from obvious. In a ...

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3 min read

What Does InsurTechs’ Success Say About the Future of Insurance?

What do incumbent insurers need to fear—or learn—from InsurTech distributors? Investment continues to pour into leading companies such as “unicorn”...

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2 min read

Why Betterview Got Out of the Drone Business

A few weeks ago, we issued a joint press release with DroneBase to announce their licensing of Betterview’s drone software and services.

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